The Power Behind the Luna Glass Desk

An old office table should be replaced with a new, innovative, and stylish office desk that will match the overall features of an office space. A great option for an executive suite is a sophisticated glass desk.

A glass desk is suitable for executives and other top managers.  It evokes a feel of power and no non-sense stance in business. has a variety of office furniture that you can choose, from wooden to glass and metal-made furniture. The Luna Glass Desk is one of their top options that is perfect for executive suites and big offices.

The Luna Glass Desk is inspired by the Italian style. It is very pleasing to the eyes and will give you a non-cluttered look.  It’s sleek and clean, allowing you to focus on what’s on your daily agenda.  It also gives an image of transparency which shows your clients and colleagues that you have nothing to hide and that you can be trusted.

The desk has three available shapes: radius, rectangular, and square desk. If you want to have a round glass executive table, a radius desk is the best choice. Nonetheless, no matter what your personal preference is, Huntsoffice will definitely provide you with a strongly constructed office table, and that is the Luna glass desk.

The desktop is made of transparent glass, which makes it easy for every user to clean some stains and dirt from foods, coffees, etc. It has a modesty panel, a thin board of metal or wood that is attached to the front of the desk to cover your feet. The door finishes have a variety of colors, as well. The finishes include:

  • Red and black leather finishes
  • Silver front drawer micro-perforated finish
  • Grey, anthracite, black, red and white lacquered glass finishes

The metal finish is silver, which can match most office decor. The optional accessories are the modesty panels and the extensions. It is up to you if you want to add these accessories to the Luna Glass Desk, but the price may or may not increase. You can ask the staff on the website about the exact pricing.

Like they said, Luna Glass Desks are modern yet innovative office tables for executives and top managers. It is a great table that can add more elegance, color, and pleasing appearance of an office room.…