Best glass L shaped computer desks for home use

Office workers traditionally used to depend on cramped, small, wooden furniture desks, that over time wrecked their work schedule with the amount of problems that occurred. Termite infestation to sharp edges digging into your knees to a constant feeling of irreparable discomfort; name it and people would agree. With a changing world, the technology has rapidly transformed as well. So, has the furniture section. Each category brings about its own magic in the form of furniture tables, desks and chairs. I have ordered a l shaped computer desk from Amazon and I am extremely happy with the level of comfort this desk is providing.

Desks are now available in glass, wrought iron, ceramic, steel, PVC coated and manufactured wood. With the development of glass desks, now you can create a charming and functional environment with just a few extra rupees pooled in.

The glass desk

The clear tempered glass which is used to manufacture contemporary models is durable, stylish and sturdy. The designs also create sufficient leg space, so as to encourage free movement and ample work benefit. The glass desk satisfies all types of workers from every category of job orientation.

Best L shaped desks for home use:

  • Altra Chadwick Collection L shaped desk: this stylish altra desk offers ample storage and work space for your home and office. It is built to last with water and stain resistant PVC laminated surfaces, providing you with an attractive solution for home and office needs. It offers convenient storage space with three small-item drawers, the file drawer and the side cabinet, so you can keep the desktop free of clutter. Finished in nightingale black, the Altra chadwick L shaped desk is stylish, durable and ready to assemble.
  • Sauder August Hill L shaped oak desk: This is an L shaped desk. It has a laminated dover oak and a slate finish which makes it superiorly refined and stylish. Even the engineered wood adds a soft touch to the entire ensemble. The grommets holes make for easy pass throughs especially for cable management. There’s a finished back side meant for placement which is used as a free-standing desk. The under-desk shelf can hold books and folders as well.
  • Altra Odin glass L shaped computer desk: Update to a beautiful modern home office with the Altra Odin glass L shaped computer desk. L shape fits perfectly in a corner to maximise your room space. You can place your laptop and office papers or documents on the smooth glass top which is scratch-resistant and tempered. It gives your home office a contemporary feel with a modern twist. The streamline grey frame with the glass cover denotes sheer class. Desk legs are angled to allow plenty of leg space. Side glass panels and the corner glass panel are stylish but also give you unbeatable weight holders, thus it can be used to hold your desk top system as well. The assembly requires two people and sufficient time. Though, once fixed, the desk is your perfect work companion.
  • Altra Princeton white L shaped computer desk: you can create your ideal home office with this altra Princeton white L shaped desk. The colour white adds a significant amount of serenity and style along with the endurance to maximise productivity. You can place your desktop and at the same time, have extra space for a laptop and a desk lamp if you desire. This specific desk requires assembly upon arrival, although along with the written instructions and guide, we assure you it wouldn’t be much of a task. Clean straight lines and a crisp white finish works well in any office setting. Wire management grommets help keep your cords organised and untangled. This L desk can be placed in a corner or against a desk to maximise work space.
  • Bush furniture tuxedo L shaped desk: the style transitions from contemporary with tradition to being one of the most modern pieces of art out there. The contemporary satin nickel hardware is one of the most integral parts of the Bush furniture ensemble, since it is trendy and sturdy at the same time. Right and left hand pedestals have ample storage for supplies. All drawers extend fully with on ball bearing slides for easy access to any of the contents. It is backed by a 6 year warranty and requires assembly.

Reasons of why you should buy Glass Desks over others

Buying a proper desk is of crucial importance while styling your office as it says a lot about your sense of style and about the business you would be conducting. Glass desks are one of the popular choices for the UK citizens when choosing a desk for their office. It is completely professional in look and provides a contemporary look to your office, no matter what business you are in. There are a number of reasons for buying these desks because of its sleek style and they serve their respective function as well.

Glass desks come in a wide range of styles and are completely versatile. It goes along with any decor, no matter what your business portrays. No matter what the color or theme is, it blends along with everything and is never outdated, irrespective of its design and layout. You can either order it to be made by someone or order it online, according to your need. Also, because of the wide range of designs available, the cost is also varied and can fit into any kind of budget that is drawn up.

Most glass desks in UK are made up of tempered glass. They are made to undergo a series of heating and cooling processes to ensure that they are rigid and durable enough. This ensures that they are not easy to break and can hold a certain amount of weight and also minimizes the chances of acquiring an injury’s they produce a rounded edge if broken as opposed to normal glass. It can withstand any kind of strain and is scratch resistant as well. If there are any stains, you can wipe it off with a wet cloth and are unaffected by change in weather conditions as opposed to wooden desks.

Read Padmanaba‘s answer to If I take two glass desks, and spill water between them and then put them on each other, why do they stick together? on Quora

Glass desks have an added advantage of brightening up a workplace. This enhances the mood and efficiency of an organization. Though mostly they are tinted to avoid any reflection of light but yet they do so as it is their characteristic feature and brighten up a whole room and it enhances the ambience. The lighting increases the positive energy of the workplace and makes it run smoothly.

Glass desks also cost less to maintain. Dusts and stains can be cleaned immediately and can be kept in the same way for years without doing anything. It doesn’t need any additional varnish or seals or any other thing to enhance its look unlike metal or wooden desks and spills can be tackled easily as opposed to wooden desks where spills are a major concern. Also it is eco-friendly as opposed to wooden desks. It can be recycled again and again and also lasts for a long time without any maintenance and prevents the depletion of natural resources as opposed to best computer desks.

However, while shopping for glass desks, you need to keep a few things in mind. It is better to check the stability and durability of a glass desk before buying one. Also, choose a desk that enhances your décor and a desk with appropriate height. Before shopping, look through the various websites available online to get an idea and draw up a budget accordingly.…

What are the advantages of using Modular Office Furniture?

Modular office furniture is fast becoming the furniture of choice especially among big businesses with spacious office floor area. Many small businesses are also following the trend which allows for future expansion without having a complete office furniture makeover later on.

Although we encounter the term “modular” quite often, many are still stumped when asked about its meaning. Simply put, modular office furniture is a type of furniture that is tailor-made to fit within the exact dimensions and overall look of the office that can be easily augmented or replaced when business grows.

Aside from desks, modular furniture units also include cubicle-desk combination, filing cabinets, and partitions with storage spaces. The common feature for all is they are customizable to fit specific needs and they can be rearranged in different configurations. Indeed, there are numerous advantages of using modular furniture compared to the rigid furniture types. Listed here are some more of them:

Choose from a variety of options – They are available in a variety of sizes, color, types and texture that can complement every type of office interiors. They are also made from various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, laminate and glass.

Adds a more grandiose feel for the workplace interior – Modular furniture can be made to look like an integral part of the office interior space, not just separate individual pieces arranged together in the workspace.

Flexibility – There are flexible options for modifying modular furniture as your business expands. This is why this type of furniture for small businesses.

Privacy options – Modular workstations are popularly used for separating individual office cubicles providing the employee the privacy he needs for a more efficient performance.

Storage space provisions – Employees will benefit from storage spaces included in most modular furniture systems complete with locks and keys.

Mobility – Modular furniture can be moved and rearranged from place to place by disassembly/reassembly procedure. The process can be easily done without professional assistance.

Saves money – There are expensive modular furniture systems that caters to the high-end market but many are much less expensive and are cost-effective compared to the total cost of buying separate furniture for the whole office space.

Ergonomics – Many modular workstations can be adjusted to suit the comfort level of every individual such as options for desk height levels and adjustable office chairs.

Ecologically friendly – Every square inch of raw materials for modular office furniture are used for maximum functional purposes in the design without compromising quality and durability.

Height Adjustable Desk – Work Long Hours, Without Impairing Your Health

In the modern era, information sharing is easier than ever before. With the help of a computer, you can easily share any types of information with ease. This is one of the reasons why freelancing is getting very popular. However, freelancing means long hours in front of a system, working hard for your money. You need a height adjustable desk to enhance your comfort level so that you can utilize the additional time, you save on traveling, to work long hours. Before jumping into the advantages of an adjustable desk, have a look at some information on how abnormal body positions can cause disease.

Blood circulation plays a vital role to keep you healthy and happy. Any disturbance in the blood circulation means, you are likely to experience some health issues. The consequences of an abnormal blood circulation are very severe. When the blood can’t reach to your toe end efficiently, because of an abnormal body position In chair, your heart works harder to pump the blood with more force to make sure the blood reaches the toe.

If the force that the heart generates is not enough to pump the blood throughout the body, heart gets enlarged which is a serious medical condition.

Body circulation gets hugely affected by the way you sit. Some people try to concentrate on work, and ignore the discomfort because of the sitting position. They later suffer with health issues caused by poor blood circulation. So the bottom like is, keep your blood circulation normal to stay healthy and fit. A height adjustable desk allows you to sit properly so that you don’t feel discomfort. You can adjust the height according to your comfort level so that your blood circulation doesn’t get affected by abnormal body positions.

The X Factor

Despite claims almost every decade that the movie industry In its widest sense) is about to go into decline, cinemas, videos on YouTube, digital media experiences, animation, audio-visual innovation and other multi-media presentations seem to be in rude health. As home entertainment systems get larger and more sophisticated, and as we are about to up the visual HD quality to four times that seen at the moment, there’s a demand from those in the industry to have the technology to facilitate their creativity.

We’ve come a long way since dangerously inflammable 16mm film projections in theatres, and the painful once-only editing using clear tape, glue and scissors/cutting blades. Not only is there a demand for top quality video editing software, the choice of PC workstation for creating graphics and melding them with audio and special effects, is vitally important. Digital graphic creations not only require heavy processing power, but also should have intuitive user-friendly programmes that stimulate and nurture the creative process and so turn the creator’s ideas into digital audio-visual reality.

One of the first choice machines for integrated audio/visual creation is the Hewlett Packard HP X Workstation. It seems to have the X factor that professionals in the digital VFX, animation and associated fields are looking for.

If proof were needed, then one only has to look back to three weeks last autumn in a pop-up studio in London’s Soho. There was assembled a gathering of industry experts, professionals, those aspiring to enter or develop in the digital video industry, and of course banks of the HP X Workstation.

Creativity can be nurtured and harnessed in many ways; mentoring, experience, inspiration, and education to name but a few. But in this 21st century we should never underestimate the power of technology to deliver not only creative opportunity, but a quality end-product that will realise in full the imagination of the artistic creator. The HP Z workstation is at the forefront of this technology.

For three weeks in autumn last year artists, animators, special effects specialists, film-makers and London’s award-winning creative artists and Visual Effects companies gathered at a Hewlett Packard pop-up studio in the heart of London’s Soho to see, discuss and experience the new HP Z workstations, tailor-made for video editing and Computer Generated Images (CGI). The Pop-Ups were called “ZED” (for Z-Editing) and as you can see from the snippet of video of the events, it was shown how imagination could be turned into virtual reality.

Sessions were presented (and recorded on video) on all manner of creative visual artistry including VFX, 3D, animated visuals, video software editing, and mixing audio into the visuals. Because those experts in these fields are often busy working on their latest commissions, it was something of a coup to gather together so many visionaries and experts under one ZED studio over just three weeks, all willing to give the benefit of their expertise to those eager to gather some pearls of wisdom.

The videos discuss techniques, best software to use, experience gained as technology developed, and not least, that with the best technology, ideas and dreams can be morphed into reality and produce some of the jaw-dropping visuals we can see in the best movies, videos and presentations today.…

The Power Behind the Luna Glass Desk

An old office table should be replaced with a new, innovative, and stylish office desk that will match the overall features of an office space. A great option for an executive suite is a sophisticated glass desk.

A glass desk is suitable for executives and other top managers.  It evokes a feel of power and no non-sense stance in business. has a variety of office furniture that you can choose, from wooden to glass and metal-made furniture. The Luna Glass Desk is one of their top options that is perfect for executive suites and big offices.

The Luna Glass Desk is inspired by the Italian style. It is very pleasing to the eyes and will give you a non-cluttered look.  It’s sleek and clean, allowing you to focus on what’s on your daily agenda.  It also gives an image of transparency which shows your clients and colleagues that you have nothing to hide and that you can be trusted.

The desk has three available shapes: radius, rectangular, and square desk. If you want to have a round glass executive table, a radius desk is the best choice. Nonetheless, no matter what your personal preference is, Huntsoffice will definitely provide you with a strongly constructed office table, and that is the Luna glass desk.

The desktop is made of transparent glass, which makes it easy for every user to clean some stains and dirt from foods, coffees, etc. It has a modesty panel, a thin board of metal or wood that is attached to the front of the desk to cover your feet. The door finishes have a variety of colors, as well. The finishes include:

  • Red and black leather finishes
  • Silver front drawer micro-perforated finish
  • Grey, anthracite, black, red and white lacquered glass finishes

The metal finish is silver, which can match most office decor. The optional accessories are the modesty panels and the extensions. It is up to you if you want to add these accessories to the Luna Glass Desk, but the price may or may not increase. You can ask the staff on the website about the exact pricing.

Like they said, Luna Glass Desks are modern yet innovative office tables for executives and top managers. It is a great table that can add more elegance, color, and pleasing appearance of an office room.…